When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long the first place.

понедельник, 23 января 2012 г.

iPhone, Tattos, piercings etc.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

Sorry for not blogging much lately, i've been too busy with some stuff.

ok, one of the most important things thant happend is that i finally decided to get a tattoo i've been wanting for a long time! now i've done almost a half of it, and to be honest it hurt reaaly bad.
i've done 3 more ear piercings by myself, conch, cartilage and earlobe piercing.none of them hurt as much as i thought it would.now it healed pretty well.

left ear:

right ear:

thins months i did so much shopping! (yea,in the middle of winter)
i bought an Escada fur hat with a 50% discouns (so it was around 350$,love it!), a winter coat (it was really difficult to find one that i liked, and i finally found it at Patrizia Pepe), leather gloves (they are really warm!), a Versace sweater for my Dad's b-day and some stuff like a cute and very loud alarm clock and jewelers.

yesterday on chinese new year's eve my parents game me an iphone!although i wanted a blackberry, but i love this one as well:) it's 4s and white:)

пятница, 6 января 2012 г.


first of all, happy new year everyone!

this new year was definetely one of the best new years in my life. and definetely the most sober
i celebrated with one of my friends at her place.eating,drinking champagne and wine,letting off fireworks and watching movies,this is basically what we did.
nxt morning we went to the movies to watch a stupid but fun cartoon:)

this year i got sooo many wonderful presents:)
this is one of them,a super cute thing is from my friend, who i celebrated new year with:)
and another owl from another friend:)

i also "gave" myself a present:) i got a microdermal on my chest! thank gosh it's healing perfectly well:)

and just some random pictures i found in my ipod :D
my friend's cat,looks almost exactly like mine
and me:)
btw,im planning on bleaching my hair more,a couple of months later and becoming a raw foodist (eating uncooked organic foods),not only to improve my health conditions and to lose weight,but also to cure my eds.